Premio Aztlán Literary Prize

November 22, 2008

The Premio Aztlán Literary Prize  is a national literary award, established to encourage and reward emerging Chicana and Chicano authors. Renowned author, Rudolfo Anaya and his wife, Patricia, founded Premio Aztlán in 1993. 

In 2008 upon the request of Rudolfo Anaya the prize was moved to the National Hispanic Cultural Center where the lecture, award and ceremony took place during the National Latino Writers Conference.

The winner of the prize will be awarded $1,000.  Recipients are required to be present at the award ceremony and to give a public lecture during the National Latino Writers Conference in May 2009.

Past award recipients include:

  • Verónica Gonzalez (2007) Twin Time or How Death Befell Me.
  • Reyna Grande (2006) Across a Hundred Mountains.
  • Gene Guerin (2005) Cottonwood Saints.
  • Mary Helen Lagasse (2004) The Fifth Sun.
  • Sergio Troncoso (1999) The Last Tortilla and Other Stories.
  • Ronald Ruiz (1998) Guiseppe Rocco.
  • Pat Mora (1997) House of Houses.
  • Wendell Mayo (1996) Centaur of the North.
  • Norma Cantú (1995) Canicula: Snapshots of a Girlhood en la Frontera.
  • Denise Chávez (1994) Face of an Angel.
  • Alicia Gaspar de Alba (1993) The Mystery of Survival and Other Stories.


Literary prize is for a work of fiction (novels and collections of short stories) published in the 2008 calendar year.

Authors must have published not more than two books.

Entries must be the work of living authors.

Edited works, self-published books or manuscripts in process are not accepted.

No poetry, children or young adult literature will be considered.

If named as a recipient, person must be present to receive the award and is expected to give a lecture at the National Latino Writers Conference in May 2009.  Travel and lodging will be paid for by the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

Honorarium will be given following the recipient’s presentation at the National Latino Writers Conference.  Not attending the Premio Aztlán award and ceremony will result in the selected honoree’s forfeiture of the prize.

The closing date for entries is January 31, 2009.

Submissions must include:

5 copies of the book

Letter of interest, or if from publisher, a letter of nomination

Author’s curriculum vitae, resume or background information, which must include a list of their published works and any communal involvement in the Chicana/Chicano community.

Be postmarked by January 31, 2009

Please send submissions to:

Premio Aztlán Literary Prize
National Hispanic Cultural Center
History & Literary Arts
1701 4th Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102


  1. When will you post information for submissions for books published in 2009?

    • This blog is run by the students in the creative writing MFA program at the University of New Mexico. We have nothing to do with the Premio Aztlan. I would suggest you use the contact information listed in this post to find out about the upcoming submission process.

      If and when the prize organizers let us know information we will certainly post it… best of luck to you.

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