About the Blog

The Creative Writing Blog was started by Jennifer Simpson as a project of the MFA Students of the Creative Writing Program at the University of New Mexico mostly because she is a compulsive blogger*.  “If you can’t find it online,” she says, “it does not exist.”

Depending on the current authors,  you may find:

–Information about on-campus events of a literary nature from colloquiums and seminars to theater, open mics and readings.

–Events happening off-campus at local book stores, cafes and galleries around town.  Albuquerque is a happening town!

News about professors and students (past and present), publication progress of the Blue Mesa Review, and podcasts of the Works in Progress events.

–Reports from in the trenches of the MFA program.

We may even have a little fun with some creative writing prompts and writing events.

What you won’t find is snarky comments, rumors or stuff that my mother would be embarrassed to read…  or my future employer.

Stay tuned.

*Jennifer blogs for fun at akajesais.com, she founded CarmenElectrode.com in JoeWelder.com in 2007 and served as the editor and main contributor until 2011.  She also guest posts here and there….

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