The 11th Week Colloquium

The 11th Week Colloquium was designed as a way for undergraduates to meet faculty and find out about course listings for the upcoming term. During the 11th week, all creative writing courses are cancelled and students attend the 11th Week Colloquium, a three hour event with an hour each devoted to fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Each hour begins with a panel discussion during which creative writing faculty offer their views on a story, grouping of poems, and essay. The presentation is followed by an opportunity for students to ask questions, and each hour ends with an informal reception.

The FALL 2009 11th Week Colloquium took place on Friday, November 6
In case you were unable to attend, here’s a recording of the event with intros from Julie Shigekuni, director of the Creative Writing Program:

The fiction panel discussed a selection from Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge,  “A Little Burst”
[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/colloquium/colfiction.mp3%5D


The poetry panel discussed “A Story” by Jon Davis and and excerpt from the book length poem “One Big Self” by C.D. Wright
[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/colloquium/colpoetry.mp3%5D


The non-fiction panel discussed “The Leash” an essay by Tom Grimes
[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/colloquium/col-cnf.mp3%5D

These works are available on e-reserves.




Readings selected:

“Child’s Play,” a story by Alice Munro
“To a Golem,” a poem by Tomaz Salamun, and “At the River,” a poem by Louise Gluck
“Figurines,” a personal essay by Elizabeth Bernard

The readings can be accessed via UNM’s ereserve Search by Instructor: Shigekuni, Password: work


FICTION PANEL:  Julie Shigekuni, Mara Brenno, Michael Wolge, Melanie Unruh, Jack Trujillo

[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/colloquium/coll-fiction.mp3%5D

POETRY PANEL: Amy Beeder, Larry Goeckel, Rebecca Aronson, Gary Jackson, Emily Morelli, Jennifer Krohn, Tanaya Winder

[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/colloquium/coll-poetry.mp3%5D

CREATIVE NON FICTION PANEL: Lisa Chavez, Marisa P. Clark, Emily Esterson, Carrie Cutler

Part 1. The Intro…
[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/colloquium/coll-cnf1.mp3%5D

break… this is the part where we moved the microphone and lost sound…apologies to the participants, and the listeners

Part 2. The remaining 97% of the panel discussion

[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/colloquium/coll-cnf2.mp3%5D


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