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JENNIFER SIMPSON read Rick’s bio and decided she should try and write something more interesting herself. Here goes.

Jennifer is a bit of a geek, blogging for fun (are we having fun yet?) and used to blog for work. Her first publication was the fascinating and probably mostly accurate tale, “How To Make Poi” published by Mrs. Tanaka’s 2nd Grade class at Alvah A. Scott Elementary School in Aiea, Hawaii. Jennifer then went on to even more success with such works as “Super Chicken to the Rescue,” which detailed the adventures of, you guessed it, Super Chicken. Though admittedly a take off of a then-popular children’s cartoon, Jennifer’s chicken would rescue children from being spanked by their parents. Oh wait…. She plagiarized that!

She now sticks to what she calls, “very creative mostly non-fiction.”



RICK RAAB-FABER is an old guy. A Canadian citizen, he has lived in NM since 1973. VITAL STATISTICS: Married, with kids ranging from 6ish to 21ish. BA from UNM ’09 (at the tender age 50.) Part of the 2009 Cohort of CF MFA d/b/a WTF SNAFU.

HT: 5’7″. WT: 220. Position: Shortstop. Bats: Right. Throws: Up. Benches: 220 (oz..) Sleeps: Six comfortably. Leads NASCAR: in Rushing and Passing. Former: U.S Ambassador to Arkansas. Drinks: like a chimney. Smokes: Like a fish.
(Editor’s Note: did we mention that Rick is in the Fiction program)

Rick likes to trace his literary lineage via Cheever, Updike, Carver. Some of the additions to my pantheon over the past year have been Prouxl, Munro, Wallace, DeLillo, and Denis Johnson (joining Robbins, Irving, McGuane, Heller, Ford, Bausch, Houston, Hemingway and the aforementioned Cheever, Updike and Carver.)



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