MFA Tutorials Program

MFA Tutorials offer graduate students the opportunity to teach creative writing via one-on-one independent work with advanced level undergraduate students. MFA students serve as mentors to undergraduates interested in pursuing graduate study in creative writing or submitting their creative work for publication. Together with the student, the mentor designs, initiates, and oversees the course of study for a one-semester English 498 course.

Tutorial work may include offering advice on graduate school selection, helping the student prepare a Statement of Interest or vitae, and the fine-tuning of a writing sample. MFA students should be prepared to engage in a rigorous course of study that includes readings and experimentation in craft and style and to offer close readings of student work.

Preference is given to MFA students who have completed English 535: Pedagogy of Creative Writing. The stipend for a Joseph M. Russo sponsored MFA Tutorial is currently $500.

To apply, complete the Graduate Student Application (.pdf) 

Undergraduates complete this Application for Undergraduates (.pdf)


End of the Semester Course Evaluation Questions:

If your plan is to apply to graduate programs in creative writing, in what ways has the tutorial helped you prepare?

In what ways has your writing developed via the tutorial process?

What readings have you done? How have these readings affected the way you think about your writing and the writing process?

In what ways was the tutorial helpful?

Can you think if ways that the tutorial program can be improved?


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