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February 27. Works in Progress

February 18, 2009

The first Works in Progress reading of the semester:

7pm Friday February 27
at R.B. Winnings coffee house (on Harvard, 1/2 block south of Central. Come early to grab a bite to eat and make sure you get a seat!)

Readers include:

Lucy Dupertuis – Creative Non-fiction
Lisa Gill – poetry and creative non-fiction, and
Nikki Louis, faculty reader– fiction.


Spring 2009 Works in Progress

February 6, 2009

No details yet (meaning not sure who’s reading what), but DO mark your calendars for the upcoming Works in Progress events:

Friday, February 27

Friday, March 27

Friday, April 17

Notice the theme…  all events take place on Fridays.  All events take place at 7pm.  All events take place at R.B. Winnings Coffee on Harvard, just a half block south of Central–  so come early to get a coffee/tea or some chow, and to get a seat.  These events are popular!


Works In Progress November 21 Audio

December 1, 2008

Disk Error. Can’t explain it. My equipment was working fine. The disk was new. And expensive I might add. And yet, the hour of awesome audio (should that be AWE-DIO?) is inaccessible. And unpublishable on this blog. I hope to re-record the incredible writers that participated in the November 21 Works in Progress Event, so in the meantime, entertain yourselves with this word pool game that I play when I attend open mics and such. I jot down words that strike my fancy as I listen, taking care to write them on different parts of the page so they are not in the order in which I hear them…. And later, I use these words to spark my own imagination. So give it a try:

samWords from Samantha Tetangco:

graze, cry, pencil, talk, pour, skin, thing,
intervention, pudgy, tangle, moan,
exhale, bodies, expand


Words from Erika Sanchez:

animals, hoop, corn, furnace, punished, slicing,
heat, flutter, rapture, fruit, atlas, stare,
chorizo, carry, smell


danWords from Dan Mueller:

tilted, smirk, quiver, secluded, scotch,
transformed, comment, voting, cyborgs,
untangle, granite, victory, mosaic, everything


The great thing about this game is that in allows me to engage in listening on a different level, and really listen for words. Sometimes we get stuck using the same words all the time in our own writing, so it’s good to find new words to play with.


Works in Progress Reading This Friday, November 21

November 19, 2008

Friday, November 21, 7pm

RB Winnings Coffee House, 111 Harvard SE

Featuring Samantha Tetangco, who will be reading fiction, Erika L. Sanchez, who will be reading poetry, and Faculty member Daniel Mueller, who will be reading fiction.


Works In Progress October 24 Audio

November 19, 2008

REMINDER:  Next Works in Progress is THIS Friday, November 21 at RB Winnings Cafe on Harvard.


For the October 24 WORKS IN PROGRESS presentation, Chris Boat hosted again…  held at RB Winnings Cafe on Harvard across from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. 

Melanie Unruh, MFA Student at University of New Mexico. Fiction (Apologies technical difficulties with the audio recording, no intro and we missed the beginning….)

Intro to Carrie:

Carrie Cutler, MFA Student at University of New Mexico. Creative Non-Fiction

Intro to Julie:

Julie Shigekuni, Director Creative Writing Program University of New Mexico. Author (Fiction)


Works in Progress October 3 Audio

November 19, 2008

Better late than never!  right?

The October 3, 2008 WORKS IN PROGRESS reading featured Jennifer Krohn, Heather Campbell and Stefi Weisburd. We gathered at RB Winnings Cafe on Harvard– a popular hang out for the MFA crowd, and other hip and literate folks.

Intro: Chris Boat, MFA student at University of New Mexico. Fiction. Coordinates Works in Progress Series

Jennifer Krohn, MFA student at University of New Mexico. Poetry

Intro to Heather: Chris Boat

Heather Campbell, MFA student at University of New Mexico. Fiction

Intro to Stefi: Julie Shigekuni, Director Creative Writing Program University of New Mexico

Stefi Weisburd, poet

(I’m sure there is a sexier way to embed audio in this blog… when I figure it out, I’ll do it… )

The next Works in Progress is THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21 I’ll be recording, but really, LIVE is better.