Mentorship opportunities from Dzanc Books

October 21, 2010

As many directors of creative writing programs across the country are on the Dzanc email list, we believe you’re aware of our Dzanc Creative Writing Sessions. For those that are not, the DCWS are an extremely inexpensive, one-to-one, online creative writing workshop. The list of mentoring authors that writers can choose from is over 100 and includes George Singleton, Kevin Wilson, Laura van den Berg, Rebecca Barry and many more. The DCWS is a little over a year old now, and while we have thought about MFA students being a perfect audience for this service, we didn’t target your programs as there seemed to be at least a modicum of competition element to what we are doing.

However, we’ve recently noticed other online programs, programs that cost much more than the DCWS, and to be honest, without the name of Dzanc Books, or the authors we bring to the table, behind them, targeting MFA students in online promotions. With this in mind, and the belief that we are not at all trying to compete with your programs, but instead are trying to perhaps increase a level of efficiency for some students and their writing, we are writing to you today.

It is our hope that you would consider posting the attached flyer where MFA students would see it regularly. The idea that some students might want a set of eyes reading and critiquing their work before they make 20 copies and hand them out at workshop is one that makes great sense to us. To be clear, these sessions do not have published writers taking over and doing the work for the students, the critiques they give are comparable to the critiques one receives in a standard workshop experience, though from an individual that has seen their own work published. And again, with starting prices of $20 per session, and the ability to work with a published author (and with these students being in MFA programs, we believe they’ll be familiar with many of the mentoring authors they can choose to work with), we think the DCWS would be a great tool for students to utilize. Ideally it would also lead to students coming into workshop with one more revision done and turning in tighter stories, poems, or essays.

The photo below has some details about the program as well as the url that students would use to investigate further and sign up. We hope you will put a copy up where students can see it and possibly share it with your creative writing staff. If so, please email me and I’ll be happy to send the full sized file.

Thank you,

Steve Gillis
Dan Wickett
Dzanc Books
The Flyer


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