Dana Levin reviews Arthur Sze’s The Ginkgo Light

April 27, 2010

I got nothin’ to add, except I too like Arthur Sze’s poetry…  I like the “nearly documentary” nature (perhaps my journalism background)…   read the whole review. One of things I like about is its format.  Dana is, after all, a poet:

Being the natural child of Sylvia Plath and William Blake (with an incurable weakness for on-page dramatics), I was not a natural reader for the work of Arthur Sze, as I first encountered it in the mid 1990s. I was attracted to arias; there seemed to be no spot-lit singer in Sze’s poems, certainly not the operatic kind, singing out of passion. The ‘I’ of an Arthur Sze poem was most often an eye: poems I read felt nearly documentary in nature, both in form and feeling, as in this section from “Oolong,” one of the long sequences in his celebrated 1995 collection, Archipelago:

AGNI Online: “I am Happiest, Here, Now!”: Arthur Sze’s Poetry of Witness: The Ginkgo Light by Dana Levin.


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