The Future of Publishing according to Jennifer and Penguin

March 28, 2010
--Jennifer Simpson

For a long time I’ve been saying (actually re-saying what I heard Richard Rodriguez say at a writers conference back in 2005) that publishing is not dead, that there are readers out there, that it is our duty (as writers) to meet our audience where they are.  I say that publishing is undergoing a transformation.

That same writers conference included a panel of publishers, and I was shocked at how few of them even had the most basic  information online.  Five years later and I am still frustrated;  publishers are not fully embracing the new channels of communication and are only using a handful of tools out there…  an example I’ve seen online only literary journals that are nothing more than PDFs.  In other words, using the web only as a means of delivering the same paper-based version of the journal.   No audio, no video, no images, no interactivity.

When I saw this video, produced for an internal presentation at Penguin, I thought wow, Penguin gets it! (or they will)

What I like about this video is that it utilizes the technology to tell the message.  Be sure to watch all the way through.

(thanks to my friend, novelist Amy Wallen, for sharing this on Facebook!)


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