Blue Mesa Review In Denver: 5 Reasons to Visit Our Table at AWP

March 23, 2010

AWP sits roughly two weeks away. We plan to be there and hope to see and meet you. Here are our Five reasons to stop by the BMR table:

5. We’re really nice. Honest. And we smile a lot.

4. We’ll have an abundance of back issues available for your perusal. Ever wonder what the Rudolfo Anaya early days of BMR were like? Want to see early work by Sherman Alexie? We’ll have them and so can you. Unlike the past AWP’s, Denver is close to home and we’ll be able to bring more of said above issues with us. We’re cleaning out our backstock and for this conference and this conference alone, when you buy the new issue, we’ll throw a back issue in for free.

3. In person, I won’t sound like an infomercial. (or will i?)

2. We’re also sharing a table with the Taos Writer’s Conference. They have phenomenal writers teaching there this summer from Pam Houston to Dorothy Allison. The ink will still be fresh on their new brochure and you can pick it up from us. (Taos, New Mexico, for those of you who have never been there, is one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Sit in your writing spot and think about what it would be like to be able to write there…)

1. And finally, our number one reason that you should drop by the BMR AWP table: Issue 23 will be hot off the presses–literally! While it usually sells for $10 plus shipping, you can get it for the special conference price of $5. In the three years I’ve worked with the magazine, this is my favorite issue by far. We have an interview with 2009 Best American Essays Brian Doyle as well as one with upcoming poet Gary Jackson, you can read Donald Budge’s work, our fiction contest winner, and its runner up, a piece by Cara Blue Adams, and more. And for those of you who read books for their covers, it just looks pretty, and for those of you who don’t, the work is diverse and exciting. $5 is a steal. But we want you to steal from us. Not literally because that’s just bad karma, but you know what I mean.

If you are a past contributor, please introduce yourself. If you are someone who submits to our magazine’s slush, please introduce yourself. If you’ve never submitted your work to us, please do, and then introduce yourself (or tell us you’ve sincerely been meaning to for some time now and grab a flier with our submission information). We look forward to putting some writerly names to writerly faces at Denver’s AWP.


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