A Tremendous Loss

March 10, 2010

Many have heard the news, but I didn’t feel like I could go on blogging without making some mention of the recent tragic events in the English Department.  Here’s the official statement:

The University of New Mexico community is saddened to learn that two of our members, English Department Professor Hector Torres and graduate student Stefania Gray, are victims of a double homicide, as confirmed by the Albuquerque Police Department.

President David Schmidly and Provost Suzanne Ortega released the following, “The UNM community has been diminished by the untimely deaths of two of our own. Professor Hector Torres will be remembered as a scholar of great passion, dedication and kindness. Graduate student Stefania Gray was a scholar of great promise. Both were wonderful individuals and we join their families and many friends in great sadness.”


Even though Professor Torres was not part of the Creative Writing program, because of the way our program is set up, MFA students take classes in all areas of the English Department, including literature and rhetoric and writing… and sometimes those lit and rhetoric and writing folks take courses in creative writing.   Though technically Stefania was in the  Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, she had taken some courses in English and was a former TA.   Though I did not have the opportunity to study with either Dr. Torres or Stefania, many people in our department did. They will be missed.

You can read the Daily Lobo article here–>

–Jennifer Simpson


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