Jennifer Gets Creative

February 28, 2010

Jennifer Simpson’s article, “Giving Voice to Your Prose” is featured in the premiere issue of LP Creative Humans magazine.  This new magazine is being published utilizing some pretty slick publishing and print-on-demand technology from Hewlett Packard…   and some creative know-how from publisher/ editor Leah Peterson:

LP Creative Humans is about, you guessed it, humans that are creative. We are bringing people together and sharing what each of them has to offer. This goes beyond the easy to spot creativity like photography, writing and the arts, although those are all wonderful. We’re going into deeper territory and want you to ask the question, ‘What do I do that makes me happy?‘ And then share it with us. If you can explain it, document it and show it to us, we want to share it with everyone.

LP Creative Humans is now accepting submissions for Issue 2.

And on another note, Jennifer’s short story, “Our House is Like Switzerland” was published in January at Bartleby Snopes



  1. Congrats Jenn! I remember you talking about this article.

  2. Actually, it’s a revised version focusing only on “performing” work. Kind of a narrative version of the tips I handed out to everyone regarding DimeStories

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