A Dime for Your Stories

February 16, 2010

The title is not original… I’ve used it before, but it is late and I am tired.

I will be co-hosting a monthly open mic for PROSE.

The event is Duke City DimeStories, a chapter of the DimeStories event that was started in San Diego by my friend, novelist Amy Wallen.

She asked me a long long time ago if I wanted to start a DimeStories even here in Albuquerque, and I’ve finally found the right mix of people (or better said, one person- Merimee Moffit, a poet and closet prose writer, and teacher at CNM- with connections) to make it happen.

The format is simple.  Participants (writers) have three minutes, maximum.  I’ve found it is a great way to edit your work, forcing you to think about every word.  It’s also great for the audience…  if the piece is not good, wait three minutes and it will be over!

Our premier event will be held:

7 pm February 18 (sign ups start at 6:45pm)

at The Source, 1111 Carlisle Ave SE (one mile south of Central)

Cost:  by donation

We’ll have tea and coffee and water and munchies.

This event is partially sponsored by the English Graduate Student Association.

Best stories of the night will be posted on the website!  and could be optioned for inclusion on the radio program that is in development.

Let your (prose) voice be heard!  If you can’t make this first event, don’t worry–  we’ll be hosting this monthly. Every third Thursday.


One comment

  1. And don’t forget to tell them they may be optioned for an iTunes podcast if worthy!

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