Gratitude for Lisa Gill

February 15, 2010
New Mexico Literary Arts announces Gratitude Award 2009
Sin Fronteras/Writers without Borders
Lisa Gill
Ernesto Torres, President of the board of the New Mexico Literary Arts (NMLA) and the rest of the board is pleased to announce that the second annual Gratitude Award 2009 has been awarded to Sin Fronteras/Writers without Borders, based in Las Cruces, NM and Lisa Gill from Albuquerque, NM.
The Gratitude Awards were initiated to honor people who have advanced the art of poetry in New Mexico, either as poets, organizers or activists. The Gratitude Award offers a cash award of $500 together with a commemorative ceramic plaque, and are selected, according to merit, by the NMLA board of directors. “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow – just as poetry strives to” said Joan Logghe, board member.
Lisa Gill began her career as a young poet by giving generously to the Albuquerque community. She organized the Her-land monthly reading series for women writers. She was an instigator of the Poet’s Diner, an inspired mix of poetry reading, dinner out and fund raiser. Lisa was also the founding publisher of The Rag, an ingenious one-paper literary magazine. A gutsy, visionary and intellectual mud-wrestler, her work succeeds by dint of the Rilke dictum “A work of art is good if it has grown out of necessity. In this manner of its origin lies its true estimate:  there is no other.” Dark Energy, her latest book of poems, was recently released by La Alameda Press, Placitas, New Mexico. Lisa will be performing from Dark Energy at Albuquerque’s Outpost Performance Space (268-0044) Friday, April 23, 2010, 7:30 pm.
NMLA recognizes Lisa for her lifelong devotion to the art of poetry as well as her work as a grass roots poetry activist.
Sin Fronteras/Writers without Borders began as a collective of community-oriented poets and writers in Las Cruces who wanted to provide opportunities for local and aspiring voices in the border area.
Since the early 1980’s Sin Fronteras has published the annual Sin Fronteras Journal, the 14th issue to be published this March, 2010.  Sin Fronteras provided the organizational base from which the Border Book Festival was born.  Member poets and writers have hosted and continue to host annual events in Las Cruces, monthly open mics that have flourished over the years since the group’s inception in the ‘80’s, and formal readings to celebrate local and visiting poets and writers at such venues as the Branigan Library, NMSU, the Black Box Theater, and the newly renovated Rio Grande Theater.
For the past three years the Sin Fronteras Press, as a part of Sin Fronteras/Writers without Borders, has published four full-length books of poetry written by member poets from the community.
NMLA recognizes Sin Fronteras for their contributions, via the Sin Fronteras Journal, the Sin Fronteras Press, and the ongoing open mics, monthly community readings, and annual literary celebrations to America grass roots poetry.
For more information about the awardees or NMLA please contact Joan Logghe at 505 753-3174 or joanlogghe@hotmail.com
NMLA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit literary organization whose mission is to inspire & develop the imaginative use of language and to create opportunities for the integration of the literary arts with other art forms throughout New Mexico. The Award is given at the discretion of the board and there is no application process.

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