OPIUM MAGAZINE–Call for Poetry Submissions

February 1, 2010

Opium Magazine is currently looking for some great poems to astound the readers of our print journal, online journal, and our fabulous new iPhone application. We hope to expand the amount of poetry we are able to share with our dedicated readers, which is why we need you.

What Opium hopes to receive from you:

–up to three poems, submitted through our website–sorry, no snail mail.

–less than 1,000 words (for the online journal) and less than 3,000 words (for the print journal).

–your most fearless work!

–poems that startle, pacify, astound, delight, bark, purr, repel, and charm; basically, poems that say something in a fresh way.

What you can expect from Opium:

+ a wait of up to three months (for the online journal) and a wait of up to six months (for the print journal).

++ close attention to your work; we try to offer feedback on work that doesn’t quite fit our needs but resonated nonetheless.

Please take a moment to peruse Opium Magazine and be sure to read our complete submissions guidelines and the attached FAQs.

Danielle Mebert
Assistant Editor, Poetry


Opium FAQ.pdf


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