Narrative Library Book Award Series

January 21, 2010

A $25,000 award is offered to any book-length work chosen for inclusion in our Narrative Library Book Award Series. Works eligible for the award include story collections, novels, memoirs, essay collections, general nonfiction, and graphic stories.

As with works selected for publication in Narrative Magazine, the single criterion for books chosen for Narrative Library is literary excellence. And among Narrative Library titles, works periodically selected to receive the $25,000 Narrative Book Award may fall into any of three categories: books by exceptionally promising writers, books by authors attaining mastery, and books by established masters whose work exhibits a continuity with the best narrative traditions and encourages literary excellence in the new age of digital media.

Narrative Library publishes books in a variety of formats designed to reach as many readers as possible and as directly as possible. Narrative Library titles are available both in elegant hard-copy editions and in downloadable, quality PDF versions directly from our online store; our titles can also be bought from Amazon in hard copy and on Kindle; and our titles will also soon be available as eBooks on our iPhone application. Each title we publish is typically offered in all of the above formats and marketed to a wide audience of engaged Narrative readers.

We accept submissions of previously unpublished book-length works, year-round, for publication in the Narrative Library and for the $25,000 Book Award Series. All works considered for publication in the Narrative Library will also be considered for the Book Award.

We are actively seeking new book-length works, and we welcome and look forward to reading your pages.

See the Guidelines.



  1. Question: Are there any books already published in this series?

    • I have no idea. I’m just sharing news here. Please click on the link and check out the guidelines

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