Rubbing Elbows

November 17, 2009

–posted by Jennifer

One of the perks of being in an MFA program is meeting authors.  Sometimes its just the opportunity to hear him/her read work and participate in a Question and Answer, sometimes there is a workshop involved, and sometimes it is some serious elbow rubbing.

Last night we hosted Margaret Atwood and her partner Graeme Gibson for dinner. It was an intimate party coordinated by fellow MFAer Carmela Starace–  who is a most gracious hostess.  She arranged for Jennifer James 101 (one of Albuquerque’s finest restaurants) to host the event, and serve a gourmet vegetarian dinner featuring locally grown foods.

Both Atwood and Gibson were most gracious with their time and I know for a fact they’d been up and on the road to Albuquerque since the wee early hours.  That they weren’t nodding off mid conversation is a testament to their stamina and graciousness.

I had the good luck to be seated at a table with Mr. Gibson, and we had a great conversation about Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods…  though we didn’t talk about his book The Bedside Book of Beasts, an anthology of writings and illustrations that explore the relationship between predator and prey, he did read from his book this evening, and I for one am intrigued.   I also spent a few minutes with Ms. Atwood as well, and am not only excited to read her new book The Year of the Flood, but her last non-fiction piece, Payback, about the culture of debt…  published just last year.

AND for a “review” of the Atwood/Gibson reading, check out the Blue Mesa Review Blog.


One comment

  1. I wish I could meet authors. I never meet anyone. Apart from my postman. I don’t like my postman.

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