October 23 Works in Progress

October 21, 2009

–posted by Jennifer

On Friday October 23, 2009 the 2nd of this semester’s WORKS IN PROGRESS readings, sponsored by the Creative Writing Department at UNM will be held.

Readers include:

Poet Erika Sanchez, who says, “Sometimes images seem to haunt me until I am compelled to write a poem around them; other times I do everything I can to “break my eye open” ….To break your eye open is exactly what it sounds like— to see the world in a new way, to make unusual associations.”

Part Time UNM Instructor Debra Goldberg who writes magical realism
fiction.  She has been published in literary magazines such as Inkwell
and Teferet.  Before teaching writing at NYU, Rutgers, UNM, FIT, and
Yeshiva University, she produced television shows for more than twenty
years. She is currently working on a novel and a completing a
collection of short stories.

and Me! Jennifer Simpson….   I write very creative, mostly non-fiction. In other words, I write stuff about my life and try to make it interesting.  I may read  a little poetry (it’s what I do when I’m avoiding homework).

Where?  RB Winnings Coffee at 7-8pm on Harvard 1/2 block south of
Central (right by UNM)


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