When Creative License isn’t Enough

October 12, 2009

Media Liability Insurance Now Available to Authors Guild Members

The Authors Guild has entered into an agreement with Axis Pro, the world’s leading underwriter of media liability insurance, to offer Guild members professional liability insurance. Freelance writing, blogging and book authorship are insured under this program for claims of libel, invasion of privacy, copyright or trademark infringement, plagiarism, errors & omissions and other related risks. To apply for coverage, members complete an online form and, in many and perhaps most cases, will find out their proposed insurance premiums immediately.

Liability limits start at $100,000 for each loss/$300,000 total limit. Higher limits are also available.

Visit www.authorsguild.org for more details.


This is a service for members of the Authors Guild, but it got me to thinking…  has it really come to this?

What do you think? Do you worry that something you write could get you in trouble?  In the Creative Non fiction classes this does come up, but more from the perspective of potentially hurting people’s feelings and damaging relationships–  not so much the idea that someone would sue….



One comment

  1. I worry more that something I write might hurt someone.

    It seems that the trouble causing might make for great sales!

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