Writer’s Block? Take a Snooze.

October 4, 2009

Posted by Rick

Originally from Utne Online

Nap Your Way to Creativity
by Bennett Gordon

Creative Napping
People in need of a creative boost should take a long nap, according to new research highlighted by ScienCentral. The researchers found that naps increase people’s ability to solve problems creatively, but only if the nap includes REM, the deep sleep when dream occur. REM sleep happens only after about an hour of sleeping, so a long nap is recommended. According to researcher Sara Mednick, “if you take a nap with REM sleep, you’re actually going to be boosting your ability to make these new associations in creative ways.” Mednick has tried to put her findings to good use by taking a nap at least three times each week.

Here’s a video about it.


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