BMR and Dawn Sperber hang with the Alibi

June 23, 2009

Hello folks,

It may be summer, but don’t think your literary magazine is slacking off. This past Sunday, your fearless advisor Marisa P. Clark and I (plus undergraduate extraordinaire Randi Beck) represented at the Alibi’s first Flash Fiction Contest Reading (the contest has been going on for some time now), where winners of the contest, local celebrities, and the Blue Mesa Review participated in an open mic night of free food, beer drinking, book give-aways, and literature loving that was also a benefit for the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy. It was great fun.

I read a couple of 119 word piece scratched together for the event–a fun writing exercise that I think everyone should try (and then submit to the contest next year.) Dawn Sperber also read twice!  (Marisa and Randi, however, did not–though Marisa contemplated reading her notes….)  It was a really fun and free thing we had here and if you are around next summer, I highly recommend going (and reading). I’m often struck at these things with how happy some people are to read their work aloud and how MFAers and other literati types are so bogged down with a need for perfection we don’t share enough. Let’s break the chain, people. Break it like it’s never been broken before (or.. well, i’m sure it’s been broken before, but break it like YOU’VE never broken it before…)

For those who don’t know, every year, the Alibi holds a 119 word Flash Fiction contest. Last year’s winner was our very own Dawn Sperber. This year, Dawn came in second. We should aim for a UNM take-over!. Check out the article and read the stories here:  http://alibi.com/index.php?story=28147&scn=feature

Special thanks to the Alibi’s Erin Adair-Hodges who allowed us to give away some magazines and spread the word about BMR to the locals.


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