Tweet your True Stories

June 17, 2009

twitter_logo_headerThe Great Twitter Experiment from Creative NonFiction magazine email newsletter:

As the genre matures and evolves, and technology and the popularity of social networking expands, we at CNF have become increasingly interested in different forms of creative nonfiction.

We’re wondering if it’s possible to tell true stories, well, in 130 characters or less. Think you could write one hundred CNF-worthy tweets a day? Go for it. We dare you. Submitting is easy. Simply tag your 130-character creative nonfiction tweet with the trending topic #cnftweet, and then hit “Update.” That’s it.

We’ll scour Twitter on a daily basis, re-tweeting the best of the day. And who knows? If this goes well, you may even find your tweet in an upcoming issue of Creative Nonfiction.

I’ve been hesitant to jump on the twitter bandwagon, even though I’ve been on twitter since 2006 (the result of attending a BlogHer convention). I just don’t quite see the point. This project, though does sound like fun… especially since I’ve been accussed of being too concise in my writing, of not wallowing on the page enough. I may just have to try this out as it may be right up my alley! Hope you’ll join me!

Check out Creative Non Fiction on Twitter–>

or better yet, Subscribe to Creative Non Fiction–>


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