Core Writing Program’s First-Year Writing Awards

May 16, 2009

The Core Writing Program’s First-Year Writing Awards recognize and
reward outstanding teachers of English 101 and 102. They highlight the diligence and imagination of our Graduate Teaching Assistants and Part-Time Instructors, who work tirelessly to help our first-year students develop the reading and writing skills so essential to higher education.

We received a large number of truly excellent nominations, which made
the decisions deliciously difficult. Thanks to TA Mentor Dan Darling and
his associates for their conscientious deliberations.

Please join me in congratulating these winners of the second annual
First-Year Writing Awards:

Most Innovative Instructor: Felicia Chavez

Best Peer Mentor: Leigh Johnson
Stephanie Spong, Honorable mention

Best Assignment Sequence: Tanaya Winder and Felicia Chavez

Best Emerging Teacher: Stephanie Spong
Carmela Starace, Honorable mention

Outstanding Teacher: Paul Formisano

Sam Tetangco, Honorable mention
Jeremy Ricketts, Honorable mention
Erin Murrah-Mandril, Honorable mention

I hope all the award winners, all of their friends and families, all of
their professors and all of their mentors, will be able join us on May
15 at the EGSA Awards Ceremony to celebrate.


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