BMR Announces 2009/10 Editorial Board

April 22, 2009

Hello folks, I’m happy to announce next year’s BMR Editorial Board!

Editor: Samantha Tetangco (hey! that’s me!)

Production Editor: Daniel Darling

Fiction Editor: Melanie Unruh

Nonfiction Editor:Nari Kirk

Poetry Editor:Tanaya Winder

(stay tuned for news on the new Managing Editor… dun dun dun…)


Undergraduate Interns:

Production: Kimberly Keller

Prose: Monet Maloof, Lenore Gusch, Joe D. Byrne

Poetry: Bob Sabatini


Also as a brief update, we are digging into the fiction contest–probably as you read this even (if you’re in the english department, head to the lounge and help!). The fiction winner will be the last piece necessary to call the magazine “done.” Well, done like the way a turkey is done in the oven on Thanksgiving morning, but you still have to put it on a platter and adorn it with various accoutrements before you can carve it and put it on your plate. And then you have to add the gravy and the cranberries and the mashed potatoes and the stuffing that wasn’t actually stuffed into the turkey but we all pretend it was so I guess it’s not exactly “done” but it’s close–sorry vegetarians and vegans and fruititarians and bird lovers out there, but an analogy with a tofurkey is just not as beautiful).

All right folks, that’s all from me for now. I look forward to invading your computers for another school year.

Cheers, SAM


PS from SAM:  

Also, Production Intern: Kimberly Keller, who is currently working
hard to help us serve this turkey, and will return again next year to
aid Mr. Darling in his production endeavors.


One comment

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to all! It’s going to be a stellar book. I only wish I had more time to come read with you guys… that way MY name would be on the masthead too! sigh. maybe next year.

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