The Future of the Book

April 6, 2009

I have a lot of thougths about the future of publishing (most of which I will save for future posts).  I do want to emphasize that publishing is not dead. Readers are out there, and it is our job as writers and publishers to meet them where they are…  apparently Bradley Inman agrees.  “Mr. Inman is among those reimagining the printed page.”

 Check out this story from the NY Times,  then vook.tv, and tell me what you think….

Is This the Future of the Digital Book? 

By BRAD STONE Published: April 4, 2009
NY Times

PLENTY of authors dream of writing the great American novel.
Bradley Inman wants to create great fiction, dramatic online video and compelling Twitter stream — and then roll them all into a multimedia hybrid that is tailored to the rapidly growing number of digital reading devices.

Mr. Inman, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, calls this digital amalgam a “Vook,” (vook.tv) and the fledgling company he has created with that name just might represent a possible future for the beleaguered book industry.



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