February 27 Works in Progress

April 5, 2009

I’ve finally gotten to the editing portion of the February Works in Progress event. It was held at RB Winnings–  a popular cafe near campus. The writers played to a packed house:

Chris Boat: Intro
[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/wip_sound/cb022709.mp3%5D

Lucy Dupertuis  (MFA candidate Creative Non-Fiction)
[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/wip_sound/lucy.mp3%5D
Lisa Gill (MFA candidate Creative Non-Fiction AND Poetry)
[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/wip_sound/lisa-gill.mp3%5D

Nikki Louis (Faculty. Fiction)
[AUDIO http://writersoutloud.com/wip_sound/nikki-louis.mp3%5D
Apologies to Nikki– hopefully at some point I’ll be more proficient with the audio technology, I did pretty well this time around, with the exception of the reading by Nikki Louis. Unfortunately the microphone was inadvertently turned off, then on again, then off…  and by the time I figured out what happened, the reading was over.  I’m including what I have here, however, so you can get a taste of Nikki’s wonderful prose.  

Next month I’ll get it right for sure!


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