April’s Chicken and Salsa – MFA Mambo!

March 31, 2009

Hello my fellow writers,

You’ve all probably (hopefully) heard about the Artist Salon (MFA Mixer/Mambo) I’ve been shooting out emails about. I’m trying to connect the MFA students at UNM (studio art, writing, theater and dance, etc) so we can meet each other and possibly collaborate. I am holding the 1st gathering on Sat. April 4th. So, this month’s Chicken and Salsa gathering will be the MFA Mixer!

I hope you all come…especially those of you I have only met in passing with a quick hello or have only had a class or two with. I really am fascinated by all of you and every day I am again reminded about the type of writer I want to be one day – I get that from listening to your readings, comments in class, and witnessing your enthusiasm.

When: Sat, April 4th
Where: my apartment (email me (tanaya.winder@gmail.com) for the address!)
Time: 8pm til ? (husbands, gfs, bfs, signif. others, are welcome to come along)
What to bring: something to share, either food or drink, and your fabulous self!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Blessings,
Tanaya Winder


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