Creative Spin on Women’s Health

March 18, 2009


My task was to plan events for National Women’s Health Week for the Governor’s Women’s Health Advisory Council. Now we have an event every day from May 10 to May 16, ranging from a talk on gender discrepancies in health to an AMP Acoustic Concert with Susan Gibson and Jana Pochop. There’s also a play called “Melanin” and a performance by storyteller Ramona King. And many students and faculty from UNM are also involved. Michelle Otero, who has a background using writing to help people recover from trauma, will be reading and speaking with Mary Oishi, another writing activist. (I’ll also be involved in that discussion.) Julie Shigekuni also authorized monetary prizes for teen girls who write poems related to health and wellness–and MFA student and page poet Emily Morelli will work with UNM undergraduate and performance poet Jessica Helen Lopez to select the finalists. There’s tons more that week, including a wellness journal bookmaking project with two of my favorite artists, Becky Holtzman and Valerie Roybal. And, before that, on April 25th, there’s a huge health fair at National Hispanic Cultural Center that the Council will be participating in. That day Tanaya Winder will offer a writing for health workshop for youth, and later I will present a talk and workshop on writing to heal–with the help of Sharon Oard Warner who edited an anthology of AIDS stories, ran writing workshops for nurses who work with AIDS patients, and taught courses on AIDS literature. Anyhow, check out the blog–and watch for two walks to be added. It’s been a really exciting project to work on–and I’m getting credit for my efforts!!! See details at the NMWELLWOMAN blog I’ve just launched.


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