Heard of Church of Beethoven?

March 9, 2009

If not, this is one of the finest gigs a literary-and-music-loving audience can enjoy in Albuquerque. The performance series, started by Felix Wurman, has been running for over a year now and will actually move into a new space this coming Sunday. Each Sunday morning “service” combines classical music and poetry. Quartets, duets, solos–plus 14 member mini orchestras–perform so close you can see the strings vibrate and hear the breath of the musicians. Then words, slid between movements of music. A number of students and faculty have read there, including Diane Thiel, Chris Wrenn, myself, and others. And Laura Matter was one of the audience members interviewed by NPR when they ran a story on the series. Always a tight great hour-long show…and always all the espresso you can swallow comes with the ten dollar ticket price. I’m reading this coming Sunday March 15th with poet Tony Hunt. Show starts at 10:30 but come early to get seats and also to enjoy lattes etc. And if you’re interested in performing at this venue, my best advice is to come, check one out, and talk to Felix. (I used to book all the poets for him but stopped because I live in Moriarty and can’t make it to every Sunday’s show while I’m in school…) He’s always looking for readers, but you’ll need to have an idea of how the show works before you jump in… For details including info on upcoming shows and directions to space see this link.


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