Get your fix in the ditch!

March 7, 2009

You can. A weekly dose of poetry is now being provided by “The DitchRider” on Duke City Fix. Every Sunday you can find out about a local writer and read a poem or two here. So far he’s profiled UNM’s own Richard Vargas and Damien Flores, plus local hero Margaret Randall. Speaking of heroes, the first poetry article I read by this writer was actually a review of an event sponsored by UNM Creative Writing, the 516 Words Series. And the title was “My Heroes Have Always Been Poets: Bryan, Carnahan, & Weber.” It’s a great article (archived here) and links to a video of a Vlatkovich on trombone and Weber playing hubcaps. Moreover there’s a quote of something JB Bryan (painter, writer, and La Alameda Press Publisher) said that I love:

“Poets always tell the truth,

even if they have to lie to do it.”


One comment

  1. I just found out the ditchrider, aka Jon Knudsen, actually had a poem published in the first ever issue of Blue Mesa Review!!!

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