1st Blue Mesa Meeting: this Friday 3pm

January 26, 2009
Howdy folks!
The first Blue Mesa Review slush pile reading of the semester will be held THIS FRIDAY (yes, in Instant Message speak, I did just yell, “THIS FRIDAY”) in the English Department Lounge.  3pm.   Everyone is welcome!  Come for the first time or the 80th.  Bring a friend or four or five.
Until then, some things you may have wanted to know about BMR but were too afraid to ask:
What is the slush pile?  
The slush pile is the piles and piles of submissions that we as a literary magazine have to weed through to find the proverbial needles in the haystack that are worth publishing, or at least worth discussing.  It is the other side of the literary magazine process.  When you submit your manuscripts, someone somewhere sits in a room and reads it.  
What does slush pile reading involve?  
It’s really quite simple.  You come to the English department lounge during BMR readings.  Someone will place a large pile of manuscripts on a table and you will read through them for an hour (or at least the first page or two of it if it is very bad) and mark it with a “Yes” or a “No.”  Once a manuscript has three yeses, it goes on to the discussion board.  Once it has a two No’s, then it gets sent a “Thank you for submitting to Blue Mesa.  Unfortunately your manuscript doesn’t fit our current needs” note.
What is the discussion board?  
Once we have four or five “Yes” manuscripts, we send out a mailing with the attached manuscripts up for discussion.  You read them before showing up for Fridays meeting and decide which ones you think should go in the magazine.  Then, we fight.  This is, by far, my favorite part of the process and the part that makes slushing through the slush pile worth it.  Friends turn on friends.  Foes become allies.  Tides are LITERALLY turned as we argue over our favorite pieces.  (and, I like to imagine, that ever time I get a rejection letter that at least some sad sucker like myself sat there and made an idiot of herself/himself trying to fight for me.  But unlike me, they lost.  I tend to win.  …kidding.)

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  1. We want to see YOU there! 🙂

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