Levi Romero at Bookworks

January 12, 2009

Thursday, January 15 at 7 p.m. – Levi Romero reads from and signs his new book, A Poetry of Remembrance: New and Rejected Works (University of New Mexico Press)

“Levi performs his poetry beautifully–don’t miss seeing him!”
-Nancy, owner of Bookworks

“Levi Romero is a strange kind of wizard. He can walk up a New Mexico arroyo and come back with a mysterious object full of quotidian magic. Like a rusted tobacco can the grand-fathers used to roll their smokes. And when you pry open the lid, you can hear their laughter and gossip coming out. That’s what he does in poem after poem. I read his work and I learn again how to love this life.”
–Luis Alberto Urrea

Through familiar details–leaking faucets and lowriders, chicharrones and chicken coops–Levi Romero remembers familia, comunidad, and tradiciones from his upbringing in northern New Mexico’s Embudo Valley. Alongside his training and jobs in the building trades and the architectural profession, and now a teacher, his writing has maintained and nurtured his connection to the unique people and land he knows so well and that have seldom been represented in American poetry.


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  1. wats up homie u didnt inspire me but wat evers latez g

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