BMR Interview with Nonfiction Intern, Brett Elwell

December 2, 2008

What year are you, and how would you describe yourself as a writer? 

I’m a first semester senior right now.  Most people are doing whatever they can to graduate from college; I’m doing just about anything to stay in.  Myself as a writer?  I’d say I’m just like David Foster Wallace – except for not nearly as intelligent (I actually just misspelled “intelligent” right there, and my computer autocorrected it), our prose styles are completely opposite, I don’t use footnotes, and have never written anything over eighteen pages.  But other than those little things, we’re practically the same dude. 

What prompted you to join up with Blue Mesa Review? 

I want to say it’s because Jack Trujillo told me, “Brett, you’d be the biggest idiot if you didn’t,” though I can’t be sure.  But it was probably because everyone was so friendly, encouraging, welcoming and supportive.  It was the perfect environment to grow in every direction. 

Why ever have you returned? 

Because Chris Wrenn promised me that, if I returned as an intern, he’d show me how to smoke cigarettes and drink whisky straight from the bottle like a poet.  At this point, I’m up to chewing on toothpicks and drinking warm milk from a flask.  It’s a work in progress, but I’m getting there.  I really just want an excuse to carry a Zippo. 

What do you like about interning? 

Monet pretty much hit the nail on the head with the paperclips.  

Does Blue Mesa really help you as a writer? 

Wow, yes.  Yes yes.  At this point in college, I wonder where I’ve actually learned more: my workshops or Blue Mesa.  But I can honestly say it’s the combination of the two that have really made me a better reader/writer. 

What do you think of Kyle Churney, Poetry Editor?  I mean, really.  Be honest. 

Well, I’ll let you decide: Kyle and I are releasing our first album next year.  It’s a hip-hop concept album about minimalism and the short story, tentatively called, “Churn-Dog & B-Wise: Spare Rhymes About Prose Lines.”  The first single off the album is called, “Carver’s Cathedral, Air-Tight Like a Ziplock Bag.

Thanks Brett, you are the sand in the sandias.


BMR holds slush pile readings on Tuesdays 2pm and Fridays 3pm in the English Department lounge.  Snacks from the Flying Star will be provided this Friday!  Everyone is welcome to attend!


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  1. Sam… the bestest interviewer ever!

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