Works In Progress November 21 Audio

December 1, 2008

Disk Error. Can’t explain it. My equipment was working fine. The disk was new. And expensive I might add. And yet, the hour of awesome audio (should that be AWE-DIO?) is inaccessible. And unpublishable on this blog. I hope to re-record the incredible writers that participated in the November 21 Works in Progress Event, so in the meantime, entertain yourselves with this word pool game that I play when I attend open mics and such. I jot down words that strike my fancy as I listen, taking care to write them on different parts of the page so they are not in the order in which I hear them…. And later, I use these words to spark my own imagination. So give it a try:

samWords from Samantha Tetangco:

graze, cry, pencil, talk, pour, skin, thing,
intervention, pudgy, tangle, moan,
exhale, bodies, expand


Words from Erika Sanchez:

animals, hoop, corn, furnace, punished, slicing,
heat, flutter, rapture, fruit, atlas, stare,
chorizo, carry, smell


danWords from Dan Mueller:

tilted, smirk, quiver, secluded, scotch,
transformed, comment, voting, cyborgs,
untangle, granite, victory, mosaic, everything


The great thing about this game is that in allows me to engage in listening on a different level, and really listen for words. Sometimes we get stuck using the same words all the time in our own writing, so it’s good to find new words to play with.



  1. Can I say it before anyone else does? I look like the shortest person in the world in that picture of me….

  2. but you also look so cute!!

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