Spring 2009 Visiting Writers

November 24, 2008

Exciting news from Julie Shigekuni:

The spring ’09 grad seminar in creative nonfiction will be taught by  visiting writer Michelle Otero.  Michelle got her BA from Harvard and her MFA from Vermont College.

She’s originally from Deming, New Mexico.  She’s the author of Malinche’s Daughter, an essay collection based on her  work  with sexual assault survivors in Oaxaca, Mexico, where she spent a year (2004/05) as a Fullbright Fellow.

Michelle is currently the Southern New  Mexico  Campaigns Coordinator for The Wilderness Society, a national  organization  that works to protect wilderness areas throughout the U.S. and to  foster a  love for America’s wild places. Michelle is currently at work on  Vessels: A Memoir of Borders, a memoir in lyric essays that explores  individual and cultural survival through Michelle’s maternal  grandfather’s  experience in World War II, Michelle’s own work in Oaxaca, and the story of  La  Malinche, indigenous interpreter and concubine for the Spanish  conquistador  Hernán Cortés.

English 523 is scheduled for Wednesday evenings,  7:00-9:30.  

The SPRING ’09 graduate fiction workshop will be taught by visiting writer Julie  Mars. Julie, a resident of Albuquerque, is the author of three novels:  The Secret Keepers (2000), Any Minute Anywhere (St. Martin’s 2008), and  Rust (a  work in progress). She’s also the author of the memoir A Month of Sundays.  

English 521 is scheduled for Monday evenings, 7:00-9:30. 


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